Salesforce MIXED_DML_OPERATION error on PostInstall script in Managed Package

We’re having another strange bug in work today – we distribute our product as a Managed Package, and constantly have problems with this that only show up when we upload the package.

This week’s issue is a¬†MIXED_DML_OPERATION exception that we are getting, due to updating data in two objects, a custom setting and some PermissionSetAssignments.

We have been using the install scripts as a good way of getting around some restrictions in Salesforce (dml operations in constructors, etc.), and when shipping an updated package we need to update some data – easily done in a PostInstall script.

However, despite following the best practice of code separation using the @future annotation on functions, we are still getting a bug.

Here is the code I have built to set up the PermissionSetAssignments in the future context (which should be in a different context to the custom setting updates):

private static void insertPermissionSetAssignments(Map<Id, Id> psaAssignment){
  List permissionSetAssignments = new List();
    for(Id userId: psaAssignment.keySet()){
      PermissionSetAssignment psa = new PermissionSetAssignment(AssigneeId = userId, PermissionSetId = psaAssignment.get(userId));

As this is a PostInstall script we can’t use some of the usual hacks (system.runas) to avoid this error …



Well, this turned out to be a bit different to what I expected. It was a test class that was causing the error – the postinstall script was fine. So to fix it, we had to write code that would check if you were inside a test or not, and react accordingly…

  User adminuser = [select Id from User where Profile.Name = 'System Administrator' and IsActive = true limit 1];


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